About Us

Waltham, MA is a vibrant city 12 miles west of Boston with a population of approximately 64,000 citizens and is a hub for innovation and research with two higher education institutions and a strong biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry as well as a significant number of cultural and community based organizations and thriving small retail shops and businesses. The city benefits from a strong tax base and broad financial and political support from city officials. Waltham embodies a strong mix of cultural, social, and intellectual vitality, and we pride ourselves on the richness of our historical past while embracing innovation and change.

Waltham Public Schools serves more than 5,800 students from diverse backgrounds who represent many cultures and speak more than 30 languages. With a staff of over 1,100 teachers, professionals, administrators, and support staff in grades Pre-K-12 across 11 schools, Waltham is a well-resourced, supported, and strongly positioned community from financial, educational, community, business and civic perspectives.


The Waltham Public Schools provides a high quality, enriching, engaging, and comprehensive educational experience for every student. We develop global 21st century citizens who are college, career, and community ready through academic, social, and emotional learning opportunities. The Waltham Public Schools offers rigorous, diverse, and enriching programming in a supportive and culturally responsive environment fostered by highly qualified, dedicated educators who work to understand the individualized needs of all students and partner with families.


The Waltham Public Schools strives to provide an education to every student that is grounded in a universal set of core values while inspiring them to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers, designers, builders, and innovators who meaningfully contribute to our diverse community, nation, and world.

Images of WPS students and staff