Communications & Grants


Our mission is to provide relevant and timely information that connect, communicate, inform and engage our teaching and learning community and the general public to the work happening in our district. We support universal access to opportunities by sharing information, identifying resources, and building communications and funding capacity to enrich and promote high-quality teaching, maximize student learning and build on the rich diversity and strengths of our students and families.


The Communications & Grants department serves as the information hub for the District, working with departments throughout the District to effectively promote and share the work happening in our schools and programs. We are responsible in working with the Superintendent's Office and senior leadership related to:

  • Coordinating public and media relations efforts

  • Responding to information requests

  • Coordinating press and other events

  • District website updates

  • Promoting and highlighting the work happening in our schools and programs utilizing a menu of communications tools including our website, social media and other online newsletters including Smore

  • Providing guidelines and community outreach strategies, and other communications efforts

  • Supporting community outreach and partnerships

  • Helping identify grant and other funding resources to support District programs

  • Overall grants management, strategy, development, project management and financial planning & budgeting, reporting, and evaluation